Adam Doyle

Adam Doyle, a native of New Jersey, is grateful to have been raised by parents who supported his artistic nature. At a young age he began training in various performance arts. In his teens and early 20’s he lived a life full of performing with various musical and performance groups. In the Pacific Northwest, he has played over 150 shows as a drummer, percussionist, or emcee. In 2009 Adam discovered a love for post-modern dance. Since then he has trained and performed professionally for several dance companies and projects on the west coast.

Perhaps his deepest and oldest passion however, is the act of making people laugh. From writing scripts for film and the stage to playing and performing, the process of facilitating laughter is his true calling.  Adam is currently a creator and owner of FlopHaus Productions where he writes, directs, produces, and acts in satirical sketch comedy film shorts and full length theatrical productions.