Fall 2018 Offerings


Greetings beloved LVC Family!

As the sun begins its autumnal journey into the growing darkness and fecundity of the yin season, we extend our blessings and gratitude out to this incredible expanding web of kindred spirits.

Thank you to all who joined us in the vibrance of the summertime, and to those who we are just connecting with as we transition into fall. We warmly welcome you to our fall offerings where we be able to continue to evolve and refine all we have been cultivating together for many moons now.


The Village Well Symposium was a huge success. Activists, politicians and cultural leaders gathered in San Francisco during the Global Climate Action Summit to discuss accessible, revolutionary solutions to climate change. In weaving together a dynamic breadth of perspectives,  the conference illuminated the essential nature of our connection to the sacred in mitigating climate change. Thanks to all who joined us to make this possible!

To Learn more about what went on there, please visit https://www.culturevillage.org


New Moon Gatherings

This week we will host our first New Moon Gathering of autumn:

Tuesday October 9, 2018 in the sign of Libra

Time: 6:45 -11pm

Minimum Donation: $10 to support the space.

Location: Luxe Nomad Collective - 318 Broad St Nevada City

This New Moon is particularly about relationships and justice. Here we will be working with the energies of balance, beauty, and equilibrium. This is a perfect way to gather, set intentions and deepen our experience in the Art of Ritual.

The evening will begin with Erin Rico offering Chai Tea so please bring your own cup if you would like to share.

Also as usual please bring a flower, a candle w/ holder, fruit, nuts, & and/or chocolate offering, andan open heart.

We have space for 40 sisters and brothers, so best to RSVP in advance to help us accommodate the group.

If you are interested in participating in setting the space, holding a direction, making the sacrament platter, or holding a position in the various other roles, let us know.

Please email Isis @ isisindriya@gmail.com for inquiries and to RSVP.

We are very much looking forward to continuing to build and share in this way together. May the New Moon Gatherings continue for many years to come.

Serpent Path Retreat
Practical Magic for Strange Times


 From November 15th - 18th we will be hosting our annual Serpent Path Retreat.

During these times of great upheaval and change, cultivating a relationship with The Mystery and our ability to navigate with clarity through the unknown is of utmost importance. This offering pushes the edges of what is possible, a necessary expansion during these transitory times.

The retreat offers an opportunity to dive deep into personal and collective ritual practices that support the embodied empowerment of a life of service. Through an engagement of ritual practice, oracular studies, various technologies of prayer, qi gong, purpose work, initiatory rites, and whole food feasts together we will dive deep into what it truly means to walk the path of the Modern Mystic and Sacred Activist.

Space is limited!

For More information and to register, please visit us here.

Winter Oracle Rite

On December 21st - 22nd, as 2018 comes to a close, we will come together in the light of the oracle fire to receive oracular transmissions for the year to come. Join us in this special divinatory gathering as we cultivate guidance for how we can best move forward. 

Spring Ritual Theatre Immersive


In response to the overwhelming requests of you, our beloved collaborators and students, we will be offering another Ritual Theatre immersive this spring from April 9-14th, where we will create a piece to be presented at the Symposium of the Sacred and Lightning in a Bottle. More information about this retreat will come, but for now we wanted to plant the seed so those who wish can set a clear intention to join us.

To get a glimpse of past immersives, check out our site.



RITE OF SPRING: ADORATION OF THE EARTH will be 3 revelatory days of uniquely dynamic and interactive programming in celebration of fertility and resurrection in all their forms.

We are so honored and inspired by all the ways this work is being received on so many profound levels.

We are so excited to continue building together a true culture of belonging.

In service,

Isis, Eve and the LVC Family

Eve Bradford