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Greetings Beloved LVC Family!

We are currently deeply integrating the profound magic and transformation that occurred during our 2018 Serpent Path Retreat this past weekend. Our hearts are filled to overflowing with gratitude for all of you who brought your whole selves to this work, and stepped into the path of self-initiation. Truly, the offerings we made together will ripple through the web beyond our time. This was a special weekend on many levels, as it also marked the official birth of LVC's sister organization; The Foundation of Sacred Sciences.  

With education as one of our many passions, we have created the Foundation of Sacred Sciences to provide our community with a space to explore a breadth of esoteric teachings. Through the collective expansion that occurs from working with these wisdom traditions, we can better serve each other, the planet and the sacred. 

As a gift to you we warmly we share our magic through a distillation of the unique and individual intentions from the retreat in the form of a riddle:

In the company of saintly ones
       together we lift up the Elementals
In order to call them by name
       we become the ones they whisper to when nothing else remains

As the company of saintly ones
       together we raise up the mycelial mirror
Navigating mystery thru biomimicry
       remediating waterways, detoxifying bloodlines
       remembering a truth deeper than pain

Amidst the company of saintly ones
       together we enter the darkness
              hidden in the heart of the flame
       together we weep a gently cleansing rain
              together we remember death
                     so life can live again

 We are so grateful to moving into the deep nourishment and cultivation of the winter months, with time to come together as a community and continue to deepen our web of relations.


 Sabo & Brian Hartman 
 Nov 29th @Stonehouse


Andean Cosmovision
Dec 1st @ Luxe Nomad 

New Moon Sagittarius Gathering

Tantra Yoga with Ericardo Baldonado
 Dec 8th & 9th @ Warmth Studios

unnamed copy.jpg

Two day intensive on Tantra Yoga for all levels of yogis. Explore the Tantric approach to meditative asana practice, learn the core principles of Tantric Knowledge, experience Tantric Culture by participating in a puja (goddess consecration ritual) and leave with the abilities to give an Ayurvedic Walking Massage.

When: Dec. 8-9 from noon to 8pm

Where: Warmth Studio, 155 Spring Hill Dr. Grass Valley, CA 95945

Cost: $250pp. Pre Pay $220. $20 discount for Two; couples or friends. Vegetarian Meal Included

More Information: www.shrikalica.com  email; shrikalica@gmail.com

Oracle Winter Solstice Rite
Presented by the Oracle Clan
Sat Dec 22nd


Principia & Praxis : A 2 day Ritual Magic Workshop
Jan 26 & 27
Foundation of Sacred Sciences

Lightning Path: Ritual Theater Course
Spring 2019
Foundation of Sacred Sciences 


May 2019 @ Lightning in a Bottle


Journey to Egypt 
Dec 2019

Egypt 2012 Aaron photo.jpg

We look forward to weaving with you along the way!

In service,

Isis, Eve and the LVC Family

Eve Bradford