2019 Upcoming Offerings


Principia & Praxis

A 2-day Magical Workshop
Jan 26th, 10am - Jan 27th, 4pm



An afternoon & evening event to amplify the heart
Feb 15th, 4pm - 12am

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Quest for Unity

Original Instructions Teachings with Hector Gomez
Feb 8th, 10am - 5pm


NEW Earth Wisdom Class

Advanced Energy & Vibrational Medicine with Marza Millar
Spring 2019



Youth Backpacking Program with Eli Marionthol
Summer 2019

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Traditional Offerings of the Q’ero People
Feb 22nd, 11am - 7pm

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Greetings LVC Family, and 2019! 

As the year begins in high-gear, so do we with a handful of diverse offerings we've prepared. With a little something for everyone, we invite you to join us in the weaving of our magic. Listed here are full descriptions of the events listed above, except for The Rites of Lightning, which we will be sending more info about soon! 


January 26th, 10am - January 27th, 4pm

Presented by the Institute of Sacred Sciences

*If interested in attending, please email*

Instructor: William Kiesel

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The principles and practices of Hermetic ritual magic are addressed in this two-day workshop. The aim is to introduce the theory and practice of magical techniques that will offer the seeker an array of tools to approach the mysteries effectively and harmoniously. In addition to the description of the symbol systems of ritual magic, William will offer practical instruction and demonstration of four specific rites used in the regular repertoire of the Hermetic magician. Segments of each day will be devoted to a question and answer period for more in-depth inquiries.

***Day One - 4 - 6 hours***

An introduction to the techniques and tools of magic designed to aid the practitioner in understanding, transmuting and illuminating magical consciousness. A discussion of the correspondences, hieroglyphs and magical grades in the spiritual ascent. Traditional methods of Hermetic practice for daily observance and successful application.

The tools of ritual magic and their correspondence to the senses and the magical elements. The symbolism of the Pentagram and its use in elemental and microcosmic magic.

*PRAXIS: The Pentagram Ritual

The Seven Wanderers in the firmament provide a complex array of influences from the macrocosm. The Hexagram in ritual magic, Magic Squares and talismanic magic. Angelology in Hermeticism.

*PRAXIS: The Hexagram Ritual

***Day Two - 4 - 6 hours***

Astral Light in Magical Practice. Will and Imagination activated in consciousness.

*PRAXIS: The Solar Adorations

*PRAXIS: Lunar Mansion Rite


William Kiesel is a Hermetic Qabalist pursuing a career of esoteric practice spanning three decades. His interest in symbol systems and comparative religion have allowed him the opportunity to share experiences with a large community of practitioners in the US and abroad. William is the publisher at Ouroboros Press and the proprietor of Mortlake and Company a metaphysical gallery in his home town of Seattle, Washington.

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Original Instructions teachings with Hector Gomez

Presented by the Institute of Sacred Sciences

Feb 8th, 10am - 5pm w/ lunch break

Instructor: Hector Gomez

What is Quest for Unity?

In Quest for Unity, we believe that there is wisdom in Mother Nature, and she has many virtues and lessons to teach us.  All we need is the patience and focus to receive them. 

All of us know that the time we spend in nature is good for us.  There are obvious mental and physical benefits, and we feel an emotional benefit as well.  Subtle, but unmistakable.  

The Original Instructions provide us with guidelines for how to reconnect and communicate with nature. They also give us a better understanding of our participation in the cycle of reciprocal maintenance.  

Our Message:

We too are part of nature, no more than fragile leaves, waiting for the day that we will fall and be absorbed into the earth.  The love of Mother Nature covers us like a blanket, takes away the loneliness that we feel, and gives us courage to go on. 

Mission Statement:

Hector sees an opportunity in the Circle of Life for understanding healing through the wisdom and knowledge that the natural world provides.  He does not lecture, but creates a circle where everybody’s participation is equally important.  He welcomes people from all walks of life in their search to find meaning, awareness, and service to humanity.  

Please note:

Bring personal objects or instruments that you would like to be blessed on the altar.  

Drumming and singing are part of the workshop.

For more information please contact isisindriya@gmail.com

Hector Gomez was raised in the Argentinian pampas and has native roots to South America, where he received the foundation of his teachings ON his life journey, he came across different ways of life. He now leads rituals and ceremonies, that were shared by his elders. Sufism and Native American ways are the practices that he embraces and inspired him to create Quest for Unity. 

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Living Village Culture & Jumpsuit Records proudly present:
Chemistry: An afternoon and evening event to amplify the heart

Feb 15th, 4pm - 12am

Miners Foundry Cultural Center
325 Spring Street, Nevada City 

You are cordially invited to Chemistry, an afternoon and evening to amplify the heart. Featuring music by The Polish Ambassador,  WildlightMamuse and Marie Sioux. Come with love, come find love, come be loved, come be love. This is a community event woven together through the intention and heart of many local businesses & artisans including a Turkish cuisine culture dining experience, Heartfire Microdating , Tarot Temple of Deep Desire and much more.

Please check out the event page for a thorough description of artists, activities and artisans. 

Tickets available here


A workshop on traditional offerings of the Q'ero People

Feb 22nd, 11am - 7pm w/ lunch break

Presented by the Institute of Sacred Sciences

Hosted by the International Q'ero Foundation

Despachos are traditional prayer bundles that have been used for offerings by the Q'ero People in the High Andes of Peru. Participants will have the opportunity to learn foundational information about despachos, the materials used to create them, how to make a basic traditional despacho, limpia (cleansing) practices and fire protocols for burning the despacho. This form of offering can be used for any purpose. After information is provided, participants will follow along with their own personal despacho kit, which is provided. 

Cost: 150$ + 20$ for materials

Please bring a notebook and lunch.

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NEW Earth Wisdom Class :

Spring 2019

Instructor: Marza Millar

Earth Wisdom - Advanced Energy and Vibrational Medicine.
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Many of my students over the years have approached me to create a deeper and more advanced class. Offering deeper, more hands on experience in ancient indigenous healing traditions such as working with the luminous body field, the soul spirit, threshold medicine, and healing with earth grids, Vibrational medicine, Energetic and Shamanic Healing Techniques. This class will help guide a small group of healers through attuning your body, your intuitive skills, and medicine marking skills. Class will be taught on pristine land in Nevada County, Ancient Earth Wellness Center & Rebel Alchemy Herbal Lab which are all located in Nevada City. We will also have extensive field work, a trip deeper into ancient lands and star temples.

Classes will start in March.

Free Orientations starting

January 21, 2019 -  6:30 to 8:30 
February 19, 2019 - 6:30 to 8:30 
March 5, 2019 - 6:30 to 8:30 

Location: Ancient Earth Apothecary Wellness, 548 Searls Ave, Nevada City, CA 95959.

This class is by application only.... Registration is now Open... 

Please contact me ASAP if interested to reserve your spot or want more information - class size is limited.  

Send all inquires to marza@ancientearthapothecary.com or txt at 530-263-7988.

Marza Millar
Marza was born into  the medicine path. Adopted at 10 days old, her parents both walked in medicine ways. Marza has been walking fully aligned in her heart’s commitment to great spirit for 61 years. She first started teaching about medicine ways 40 years. 

Marza Millar is Elder by birth rite of the Wind Creek, Yavapai, Clinical Herbalist, CMT, and MA. Marza’s upbringing in earth-based medicine comes from her Birth Rite with the Wind Creek Yavapai on her father’s side. After receiving a formal education and working in allopathic medicine.

Marza is responsible to the Wind Creek Yavapai to hold the Emergence door of the 4th world, located in Sedona, Arizona. Her mother’s people are from Isle of Skye, Scotland and Kilkenny, Ireland. Marza is also a Druid Elder of Clach Na h’Annait Standing Stone. She has been adopted and trained in both rites from birth. Marza also received training in the traditional teachings of Lemuria given by the Elders of Naapoopoo Village, Big Island, Hawaii.

Marza has worked with the Wind Creek Yavapai, Elders of Naapoopoo Village, Big Island, Hawaii. She has gone to the Andes to work with the Inca Elders, into the Arctic Circle to work with the Siberian Yupick, and to the tops of the Hopi Mesa’s. She has studied with Dr. Emoto, Bruce Lipton, Teresita Espinoza, Lynn Tagart and the Heartmath Institute.


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A skill-building, ceremony-based backcountry program for teenage boys. If you are an educator, parent, or friend of a young man who could benefit from a deepening relationship to self, source, and the natural world, please be in touch. We'd love to tell you more about who we are and what we do. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

In service, 

Isis, Eve and the LVC family

Eve Bradford