February 2019

Greetings LVC Family! 

We have so many delightful offerings for you this month. First, we'd need to apologize; our website was been down for about a week. Thank you for your patience! It is up and running again.

February 2019

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Friday, February 15th. 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Start the evening with Tutku's Feast of Delights from 5:00 - 7:00 PM! 

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We cordially invite you to a unique, soulful and intimate full-sensory dining experience. Gathered in a mystical ambiance in the Fireside hall of the Miners Foundry, we will revel in beauty, music, poetry and the ritual of eating.

In this sit down feast, we intend to invoke passion, celebrate life, honor longing, rejoice in connection, and allow ourselves to be transported in time of endless explorations of senses through the experience of food as sacrament.

The menu will consist of 10 distinct + traditional meze recipes to share with your beloved/s, crafted with organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients from our incredible local farmers and suppliers. 
(Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and conscious meat options will be served.)


Rites of Lightning
Ritual Theatre Immersive 

Over the course of this week, we will explore the nuanced craft of Ritual and Performance, an ancient cross-cultural practice that holds the origins of all theater, bridging the performative catharsis and creative expression of the stage with the profound transformation and multi-dimensional healing of ceremonial practice. 

Our time together will culminate with a public performance of the piece we will be creating together, which will then be performed again at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, dates TBA. Entry into LIB is included in the cost of the immersive.

April 21st - 25th, Nevada City CA

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Journey to Egypt 
Led by Isis Indriya 

You are cordially invited to an elegantly curated Expedition into the mystic lands of Egypt. On this journey of remembrance, we will travel the path of the Initiate through the Temples along the Nile, perform a Ritual Theater Offering Rite at the Isis Temple, and conclude our voyage in Giza for the Initiation Rites  in the Great Pyramid and at the Sphinx

December 2019

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Compass @
Lightning in a Bottle

Dates finally announced!
May 8th - 13th. 

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Vocal Feedom:
Songs of the Soul
Workshop with Sonja Drakulich

Unveil your authentic voice using techniques Sonja has refined throughout her explorations of both the Eastern and Western world. Our body is our instrument, therefore alignment practices will be included that create an open, clear channel for our voice and purest expression. Practices will include strengthening and coordinating the breath to create a strong foundation for our tone. 

Sunday Feb 17th, 2-5 pm

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The Art of Ritual
Workshop with Isis Indriya
Hosted by the Oracle Clan

If you are interested in learning how to care of ritual rites related to the Oracle, please join us and learn about the workings of the OracleClan altar, roles in ceremony, and ritual tools. Please email isisindriya@gmail.com to register.

Monday February 18th, 6-9pm

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Despacho Creation Workshop
Presented by the
International Q'ero Foundation

Despachos are traditional offering bundles that have been used for by the Q'ero People in the High Andes of Peru for hundreds of years.  Learn the sacred foundations of these traditional offerings.

Sunday Feb 24, 11-6pm

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13 Moon Evening:
Full Moon Temple of the Heart
Hosted by Natalia Price

Journey into the Temple of the Heart in this powerful Cancer Full Moon as we dive into a ceremonial circle in the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage in Nevada city.

Come have a direct Embodied experience of the archetype of the Goddess of Love using guided meditation, breath, mudra, and sacred movement in a container of ritual in sisterhood. Consciously diving into the shadow of comparison and our blocks to intimacy in self love practices and reclaiming our bodies. Working on each other in a sensorium to re-awaken the oracle of the Senses through hands on touch and sound healing. 

Tuesday February 19th, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

In Service, 

Isis, Eve and the LVC Family 

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Eve Bradford