March 2019

Greetings LVC Family! 

Here we are in the final moments of winter, savoring the last of the darkness. We can use the remaining quietness of the season to dream into any visions whose seeds need tending to before the warmth of spring returns to nurture them into fruition. 

With Lightning in a Bottle only two months away, we are getting busy with the curation of some incredible programming for the Compass, and of course we have a few classes and gatherings organized before then, in March and April. 


March 5th : LUXE Nomad Collective

We circle together at this time of the final new moon in the zodiacal year. The intentions we set now prepare us for the new possibilities that emerge with spring. 

We gather to utilize the technology and art of ritual and ceremony to weave our collective energy together in service to uplifting the collective field, building community and support.

Please bring songs, poems, Astrology and heart wisdom to share .... as well as chocolates, snacks, flowers, nuts, and offerings for our altar to share together as sacrament.

This is a collaborative co-lead , gathering of the heart using sun, moon, and earth elemental and plant magic to inspire and empower us to walk in harmony and integrity interconnected in the web of life.

If you are interested in participating in setting the space, calling in a direction, or various roles, let us know.
We invite community co-creation and collaboration.
Please email Natalia .

***Both Men and Women are Welcome**

$15-20 Donation* to support the space.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Be on Time: 6:45-11pm.
Location: Luxe Nomad Collective Shop
318 Broad St Nevada City


Ritual Theatre Immersive
April 21st - 25th 

Facilitated by Eve Bradford & Isis Indriya

With teachers
 SONJA DRAKULICH Vocal Freedom: Songs of the Soul
SCHIRIN CHAMS-DIBA Temple & Ceremonial Dance
KYLE LEMLE Anti-Oppression Training and Choral Workshop

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  • Cross-Cultural History of the Ancient Connection between Ritual and Theater

  • Exploring the Central Role of Myth in Ritual & Performance

  • Art as Offering, Offering as Art

  • The Body as Temple, Becoming a Vessel

  • The Magic and Power of Ceremonial Dance

  • Opening the Voice: to Listen, to Speak, to Sing, to Write

  • Ancestral Story, Song and Ritual

  • Cultivating our Relationship with the Mystery, the Sacred Elements and the Wild through Ritual

  • Ritual Garment, Adornment and Tools

  • Script Development for Experimental and Narrative Forms

  • Pathways of Improvisation

  • Independent Theater Production

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Compass @ Lightning in a Bottle
May 8th - 13th

The Compass holds the educational heart of Lightning in a Bottle festival, offering a diverse array of programming to engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action. It is also home to cutting edge music and performance focused on creating uplifting and nourishing shared experience.

This year our programming will be extra special ;
Isis and Eve are teaching workshops! 

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Art of Ritual 
Ritual Theater
Qi Gong

We'll be in touch with details !

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Journey to Egypt 
December 2019
Led by Isis Indriya

Thank you all who followed your hearts and made the commitment to join us for the Egypt Initiation trip.  All spots for this mystic journey are full! 

Please stay tuned for Egypt Classes offered by Isis Indriya starting in May! 

“If you stood on a summer’s morning on the bank under a brilliant sky, you would see the thousand petals and say that together they make the lotus. But if you lived in its heart, invisible from without, you might see how the ecstasy at its fragrant core gives rise to its thousand petals. What is beautiful is that which is itself in essence, a certainty of being.”

- Becoming the Lotus: Awakening Osiris: Normandy Ellis

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Vocal Feedom : Songs of the Soul

Workshop with Sonja Drakulich
Pt. 2 & 3 - March 17 & April 14th

Unveil your authentic voice using techniques Sonja has refined throughout her explorations of both the Eastern and Western world. Our body is our instrument, therefore alignment practices will be included that create an open, clear channel for our voice and purest expression. Practices will include strengthening and coordinating the breath to create a strong foundation for our tone. 

In Service, 

Isis, Eve and the LVC Family 

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Eve Bradford