Spring Offerings

Greetings to the Living Village Culture family!

We are living in unprecedented times. 

Uncertainty and Inspiration exist inside of each moment, waiting for us to choose which path we will take.

In these days, it is more important than ever to educate ourselves, to come together and share ideas about self-care, community care, and earth care. 

It is from this understanding that we invite you to experience The Compass, the culmination and evolution of the past four years of our work with Lightning in a Bottle.

This newly reimagined area of LIB offers a diverse array of educational opportunities that engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action.


illuminating our world
Our largest gathering place, the Beacon holds our keynote presentations from visionaries and leaders across many disciplines and lineages. We will also be hosting carefully curated music and performance.

standing up for our world
Our center of planetary activism at LIB, the Landing houses the Earth Activist Hub, to engage with current indigenous, environmental and wildlife campaigns; and the Grid, a place for learning about new technologies and their evolutionary applications. This also houses the Ecology Bazaar, hosting a network of organizations where one can learn how to integrate all of these actions into our lives beyond the festival.

making our world
Home to the Community Lodge, the Witch’s Hut and the Paleo Arts, Botanical Arts and Folk Arts Arbors, the Craft is the place to learn various skills and crafts related to living in harmony with the earth and making beauty. 

exploring our world
A place for global culture at LIB, the Crossroads offers classes in traditional music and dance and the history of the cultures they come from. It will also be a place to experience intimate performances from world class traditional musicians and performers.

healing our world
The Haven is a place to receive bodywork and healing sessions, as well as to learn about these modalities in the Healing Arts Study, a place for intimate classes around physical, emotional and spiritual healing arts.

intuiting our world
A home for mystical and esoteric studies, this is a place of magic, a place to engage directly with the mysteries of the world, and begin to explore our place within them.

nourishing our world
The Feast houses the Learning Kitchen as well as the Last Supper Club’s Brunch Club and other opportunities to experience the sensory delights of food culture. 


May 24-29: The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle— Bradley, CA
June 1-4: Spiritweavers Gathering— Concow, CA

June 9-11: Meadows in the Mountains— Rhodopes Mtns, Bulgaria
Aug 11-16: Elemental Alchemy Ritual Performance Immersive
—Big Summit Prairie, OR
Aug 17-23: Oregon Eclipse (Symbiosis)—Big Summit Prairie, OR
Sept TBD: Beginner and Advanced Serpent Path Retreats— CA

New Year's Offerings

As the days once again begin to slowly grow longer, and we transition into a brand new year, we wanted to reach out and offer reflections and gratitude on the autumn and some exciting news on what is coming up soon.

Isis and Eve were honored to present on a panel at Bioneers in October, addressing the Activist Potential and Cultural Relevance of Contemporary Psychedelic Subcultures. Bioneers is always such an amazing inspiration and we are honored to be continuing to deepen our collaboration with them in the near future, more on that soon!

Our first Serpent Path Retreat sold out and was such a profound, moving, nourishing time for us all. Just one week after the election, we were able to really utilize ritual practice and group process in support of clarifying and igniting our true purpose work. Meaningful work and real connection is so crucial in these wild times.

We gathered for our annual Winter Solstice Community Oracle Transmission and were blessed with incredible messages from Sheila Marie Campbell and Liv Wheeler, offering us all guidance for the coming cycle. 

And in beginning this new cycle, we are already deep in the creative process preparing for our 5th year of offering educational programming for Lightning in a Bottle. Early bird tickets just went on sale - click here if you want to jump in early. We hope to see many of your faces there, as this year will be a real evolution of all we have been cultivating there.

Isis and Eve will also both be teaching at this year’s Spiritweavers Gathering for the Sun Session as well as offering classes and Ritual Theater at Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria in June.

We are also thrilled to be creating another Ritual Performance Immersive along with other programming for Symbiosis’ Oregon Eclipse in August.

Creating Culture: A Village Way of Life

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller ―

Spring is here, and with it comes plans for summer adventures that are truly transformational! The alternative festival scene often attracts those who resonate with counterculture ways of thinking and being. Yet it is this subversive hotbed that takes the status quo, transmutes it underground, and sets the new trends for its re-emergence in mainstream popular culture. Isis Indriya and Eve Bradford have been vanguards of this movement for over ten years. Both have been guided by personal and community spiritual practice for many years and in every sense these two live what they teach. Their brainchild Living Village Culture aims to influence society through bringing culture back into the heart of community. This project is experimental in nature through seeing what emerges when we create a village way of life in modern, western contexts such as festivals and symposiums.

Their next offering is The Village Symposium, which will be held over five days (April 20th-24th) in Nevada City, California. A journey into community building, education, ritual and social change, this will be a conference exploring the place where science and mysticism meet. It will explore how we as humans can reinstate ourselves back into a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with the web of life. The Village Symposium is a taster of what can be expected from The Village at Lightning in a Bottle festival later this spring (May 25th – 29th).


Community Creates Culture – The New University

Our generation is one in which individuals have been separated from their lineages and from a community-based way of living. Our interconnectedness with one other and the planet has been denied through linear time systems, hierarchical social structures, centralized politics, capitalistic economies and the false separation of mind, body and spirit. Western education and its institutions propagate these systems, leaving a stark gap between what we are taught and reality.

Conscious gatherings such as festivals are increasingly putting energy and resources into bridging this gap through formalizing the ‘school of life’. No longer just places to listen to music and party, gatherings have become a place where we can learn from each other and professionals at the top of their game through workshops, talks, film screenings, ceremony, symposiums, debates and exhibitions.

Combined with the advance of technology that facilitates mass communication, this new culture has helped forge ‘communities in the sky’ that go beyond borders and do not need permission from any institution to exist – the ultimate E-democracy. We now have the power not just to envision a new world, but to co-create and actually realise it coming into being. This is not about predicting the future, this is about inventing it.


The Living Village Culture family sits at the core of these changes, through actively seeking to provide an authentic community experience at festivals and gatherings. The curation of their event narratives is based on cultivating skills and practices focused on earth-based wisdom and mystical traditions. Spaces are created that bring the sacred into a contemporary context through an honouring of our ancestors and the spirits of the land in ceremony. This experience fosters collaboration and creativity and makes space for the coming into being of a new culture where knowledge is crowd sourced.

It is through experiences such as these that we can collectively remember who we really are.