Gianna de la Torre

Gianna de la Torre is a licensed acupuncturist and intuitive healer.  Her unique healing session, Acu· Intuit, is a fusion of these modalities.  She believes that our behaviors and patterns are reflected in the body.  The subtle vibrations of limiting thoughts/fear have the potential to manifest as pain and disease.  Gianna's highest intention is to connect her patients to their highest potential in a way that feels easeful and fun.

Her understanding of the body began 15 years ago on the yoga mat.  In 2003 she traveled to India to study Ashtanga yoga and met an Ayurvedic doctor who inspired her to explore alternative medicine.   Gianna chose to obtain a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Herbology because it resonates with her energetic understanding of the body.  This medicine takes for granted that ALL parts of an individual are connected and relevant to a person's health.  It also acknowledges the existence of "energy" (qi), and the "sprit" (shen).