john rappa

John Rappa is a multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of Samsara Villages, an environmentally friendly, boutique lodging experience artfully designed to facilitate a community gathering place during innovative festivals and events. 

John is a Technical Director Audiovisual Technician with 15 years experience in various aspects of event production. From custom designed lighting installations to sound design, he is perpetually collaborating on a variety of projects involving the evolution of technology and how to utilize its fullest potential to create inspiration and bridge worlds in contemporary society. 

He has been a collaborator with the Village in different capacities for over five years in event production, lighting design, sound technician roles, and project management.  

John is based out of Los Angeles with ongoing projects in San Francisco and Nevada City, CA.  He currently does private lighting commissions as well as larger scale lighting sculptures in an effort to bring, fluidity, enhanced awareness, and fresh perspectives to the way we perceive reality.  He believes in the depth and power of consciously designed aesthetics, sound and environments to alter and raise the collective of humankind.