Cynthia Brown Maglaras

Conscious Trance Channeler

Cynthia Brown Maglaras began to experience her “psychic gifts” 1 1/2 years after a head injury from a motorcycle accident in 1980. She experienced a "surge" of creative energy where she started oil painting without training and was in galleries and selling her paintings within a year.

At the same time, she became psychic overnight and began to seek answers.

She called UCLA Parapsychology Laboratory and was interviewed by Dr. Thelma Moss who was the leading scientist/doctor in that field. Dr. Moss validated Cynthia’s abilities and in July of 1984, wanting to investigate why or where her psychic abilities had come from, she went to Dr. Boris Bagdassarroff,  a Jungian oriented hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, CA.  Upon being regressed to a deep state, a communication came through Cynthia identifying itself by the name of “Fortune."  This energy known as Fortune, described itself as Cynthia’s “inner guide” coming through to consciousness, communicating to and through Cynthia, "to impart information to herself and others and in turn she would gain knowledge."

She is a Conscious Trance Channeler.  This is where she is conscious during the channeling session, with eyes closed, in a light hypnotic trance state and can talk later about all that was seen and said in the channeled reading. 

The first experience of Cynthia being able to channel Fortune to another, happened while experimenting with her psychic abilities with her friend Deborah Koppel Mitchell, in 1985. While living in Los Angeles for 27 years, Cynthia has been the subject of numerous television shows, videos, and articles. She assisted detective Stanley White of the Los Angeles police department in identifying valid witness information. She has conducted public group and private readings, murder and suicide cases and information on missing persons. She has read for two doctors at the Pentagon, Hollywood producers, and medical doctors.

She moved to the Nevada City, California area in 2003 and was responsible through her readings over a period of time, to help a local parent in the Nevada City area to bring forensic detectives and cadaver dogs to a site in the area where a missing daughter’s DNA was suspected.