Lyric Harmony

Lyric co-produces and curates the ceremonial aspects of the Village projects, including Lightning in a Bottle and the Village Symposium. 

Lyric Harmony is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, Health Coach, and yoga teacher. Lyric graduated prescott college in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in Sustainable Community Development and Modern Dance. She also studied wilderness therapy, ayurvedic medicine, and permaculture. Her passion for the ancient healing arts has inspired her to travel the world learning and experiencing women's wisdom through ritual and teaching.

She currently lives in Oakland California hosting women’s mystery events, workshops, and classes rooted in indigenous wisdom traditions.

She believes that we are our own teachers and that we have the power to transform the world by awakening to our individual power. She believes our true power can be harnessed through creating art and nurturing our connection to nature.