magdaleine Alice

Magdaleine is a performance artist and herbalist, passionate about using these tools as gateways to life’s unseen realms and as a means to give voice to the voiceless. Her work with Living Village Culture is dynamic and includes social media management and ceremonial support.

As co-founder of House of Origins Apothecary,  she uses ancient and modern herbalism to create high quality herbal remedies. For her herbalism is an offering that strengthens the bridge between people and the botanical world, as well as a means to restore personal vitality and usher people home to themselves.

With creativity being another vital part of her existence, Magdaleine is a core member of Made in Alchemy; a Canadian based performance art crew through which she works collaboratively as a creative director and dancer to produce unique pieces. Weaving connections between communities and mythos, Made in Alchemy transcends the limits of current paradigms of thought and movement.