The Compass holds the educational heart of Lightning in a Bottle festival, offering a diverse array of programming to engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action. It is also home to cutting edge music and performance focused on creating uplifting and nourishing shared experience.



The core intention of the Compass is to offer high caliber immersive education while focusing all of the incredible energy generated at LIB by giving people inspiring and accessible ways to carry their experiences out beyond the festival.

Featured Topics

  • Becoming Activists

  • Earth Wisdom Traditions & Skills

  • Magic and Ritual Arts

  • Cutting Edge Creativity

  • Holistic Wellness and Sexuality

  • Appropriate Technology


  • Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! Independent Media Shaping America

  • Women Protectors of Mother Earth Across the Americas: Panel facilitated by Amy Goodman with Pennie Opal Plant, Leila Salazar-Lopez, Erial Deranger & Violet Cavanaugh

  • Paul Stamets, Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness

  • Kaypacha, An Astrological Overview of 2018 and Beyond

  • Climbing Poetree, Art is a Hammer: Shaping Reality Through Cultural Activism

  • Tom Goldtooth, The Roots of the Indigenous Resistance

  • Starhawk, Season of the Witch

  • Content Partnerships with Bioneers, Planet Experts and Indigenous Environmental Network


Featuring 5 Educational Zones:

BEACON // illuminating our world

    Keynote presentations from visionaries and leaders across many disciplines and lineages, along with carefully curated music and performance to nourish and inspire.

CROSSROADS // exploring our world

    A gateway into global culture thru workshops and performances in music,
dance and creativity.

CRAFT // making our world

    The place to learn various skills and crafts related to living in harmony
with the earth and making beauty.

HAVEN // healing our world

    Receive bodywork and healing sessions as well as learn about various
modalities and practices

FEAST // nourishing our world

    Awaken the senses thru experiencing the varied delights of food culture



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