Timo Granzotti

Timo has been a member of the Village team since its inception. Timo is a true co-creator and teacher for the Village.

Timo is a certified permaculture designer with over a decade of experience in California native ecology and botany. He is also a wilderness skills expert, paleotechnologist, craftsman, and woodworker. He fuses indigenous skills, anthropology, archaeology, and nature awareness with whole system’s ecology.

His passion lies in the creative use of his hands, the human relationship with nature, and the preservation of lost knowledge, tradition, and history. He incorporates sociocultural patterns and practices, interlacing stories and customs within his unique form of interactive and multi-layered teaching. His goal is to re-integrate the skills, technologies, and understandings of our ancestors with current advances in whole system’s ecology to help foster generational cultures that are connected with nature.